Friday, June 04, 2004

Nhung bai tho tinh hay nhat the gioi

Yesterday, I took up accidentally one book of Brother Bao. It is about "Greatest love letters of the world" and I was so impressed with thing written inside this tiny book. The translators are quite famous, at least one of them I know: Mr. Nguyen Van Tao. I didn't read through all of them, but I was appealed by the letters written by Napoleon. He wrote them for Josephine, his first wife during the long time away from home due to war. Those below are my favourite letters from Bonaparte:
"Em da lam anh mat ca li tri. Anh khong an duoc. Anh khong ngu duoc"
"Neu khong vi em, anh do bo ca quan doi de ve ngay thanh Paris de phu phuc duoi chan em"
"Anh mong som duoc ghi chat em trong tay, hon em hang trieu cai hon nong bong nhu duoi anh mat troi nhiet doi"
"Em khong con thiet tha gi den anh Napoleon than men cua em nua. Chang qua em chi yeu han trong mot phut giay bong bot"
"Anh se o day den toi mung 9. Em cha viec gi phai ban tam; cu vui thu di; em sinh ra la de vui ma. Ca thien ha cung se vui suong neu lam duoc em vui va chi co chong em la buon, buon lam."
"Tu tren ngoi cao ca cua ba, ba hay ha minh oai tuong den ke no le cua ba mot chut"

And now is what happend during the day. I wore the shirt my sis. bought for me today. It was beautiful and I know many people admired it, even him. We walked together, "he" was always like that, cold and mature. I want to go next to him and talk to him a lot, but I'm scared so I decided to walk away from him a specific distance that allows me to watch him from faraway. He wore a a linen coat today. I'm sure he doesn't look handsome and...young, but I like it...

There are a lot of things to see in the museum. Everybody was very excited. We first had lunch at the cafeteria with Trang and Alia, after that we visited the Maori treasure section. A Maori performance was showed for us, very beautiful and attractive. I did enjoy!

Yesterday, Ti Phu lent me his camera. I didn't think he was that nice. But anyway, I lost the cover at the museum. I went back to find it. On the way back, right at the place which stands the beautiful tree, he appeared. I was both happy and shaken at the same time. It was so romantic. He asked me why I was still here, I replied and then him. It was one of the best moment we had together. I coudn't find it but the people in the museum said sorry and promised to find it for me.

I came home, said sorry to Ti Phu. He din't show any anger, I was surprised. Then he left to do some school stuff, I stayed at home with Raul and cooked chicken. It was deliceous, I hope my parents can taste it. After that, nothing else happened. I chose the Glasson black jacket, the short brown sweater that I brought back from the US, the low-hips jean of Mudd. I thought I looked good. Hope to see him tomorrow so he can see me with my nice clothes.

Watasiwa Anatowo Aistemas, Saito-san

That is it for today. I am gonna have dinner with my dearest sis. and Ti Phu, so hungry.
PS: Ah, something more. I got to talk to Selenge today, she is so nice, my goddess!!!


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